Hiya!  My name is Nikki Ogle and I AM the Saucy Spatula.  I mean I’m not actually a spatula, but I am saucy.  Ok, I may not even be saucy, but I like to think I am and what’s better than a saucy spatula?

I have always had a love for food and a desire to always know what my next meal was going to be . . . and what time I could expect it.  I would ask my mom at breakfast what lunch was going to be and, at lunch, inquire about dinner.  Of course she loved this because she had nothing else to think about with three other kids around.  When I married the man of my dreams he also wanted to know what breakfast, lunch, and dinner was going to be.  I guess that backfired on me, and now suddenly I had to come up with all the meals.

The first year of our marriage my husband, Josh, was a bass player in a band.  I know . . . hot, right?  So while on the road with him what else was I going to do but my favorite thing in the whole world~ Look at food magazines and cook books?!  I would have meal after meal of palatable, luscious, mouthwatering, finger-licking, lip-smacking, melt-in-your-mouth food planned.  It goes without saying that my husband and I are now a good 20 lbs. heavier then when we first got married.  During our time on the road I developed such a love for finding great recipes (however some have not been great), cooking, and entertaining.  I love making food, hearing people moan with satisfaction with that initial bite, and having happy souls at my table!

Josh and I now have two little monkeys (kids) whom we have the wonderful pleasure of raising.  Due to this I can no longer always make time-intensive foods.  Here you will find a collection of recipes that we, as a family, love and which don’t take all day to make.  Cause let’s just be honest . . .  if that were the case I would have to lock the kids in the garage –  and that would for sure get social services over here.  I hope you’ll enjoy making these dishes – and better yet eating them!

Bon appetit!!

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