Taco Salad

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I’m not typically a taco salad fan.  If I’m at a Mexican restaurant you won’t find me ordering the ol’ taco salad.  Oh no baby, I want a chili relleno with beans made of lard and some rice.  Not a salad!  Ever notice that all Mexican food consists of  the same ingredients – just 100 different uses (not that I’m complaining) i.e. our friends the taco, chalupa, enchilada, tostada, burrito, nachos…  All the same just rolled up differently.  Any who…  This is a salad that I make over and over especially in the summer.  Have I mentioned I live in the South?  Good ol’ Tennessee.  As you would expect the summers here are full of salads and no-bake recipes.  This is a great tasting dish full of flavor and zip.  That’s right zip!  Give it a try -and just try telling me you don’t like it.  Actually, don’t tell me – keep it to yourself.

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